To develop a Tomaree Museum which, through community and Government contributions and engagement…

    • Documents, Protects and Promotes the history and changing natural environment of Port Stephens.

    • Identifies challenges, risks, opportunities and a sustainable future for the region.


    The Tomaree Museum Project Plan aims to establish a regional museum for Port Stephens on the Tomaree Peninsula

    The key steps in this plan are:

    1. Gain Government and community support.
    2. Secure the best possible site in Port Stephens – ideally the Tomaree Lodge historical site but there other excellent options such as Fly Point, Nelson Bay.
    3. Gather and secure museum treasure – build a collection of virtual and physical artefacts using all community resources.
    4. Develop Tomaree Museum Infrastructure.
      • Build a Virtual Tomaree Museum at
      • Protect and re-purpose any assigned historic sites – eg Tomaree Lodge, Outer Lighthouse.
      • Establish a new, purpose built Museum and Interpretative Centre with café and shop.
      • Encourage co-location of stakeholder facilities – eg NPWS Visitor Information Centre, Arts Centre, Conference Centre, Marine Parks Information Centre, PSC Visitor Centre.
      • Establish a roadmap to the network of other specialised Port Stephens historical and natural attractions – eg Heritage listed houses, Tomaree Coastal Walk trailhead, Tomaree Mountain trailhead, Fighter World, Inner Light Maritime Museum, Worimi Centre.

      Themes of the Museum:

      • Natural history and sustainability.
      • First Nations People – Worimi history.
      • European discovery and impacts.
      • Pioneering settlement.
      • Maritime history.
      • Naval and military history.
      • Industry – pastoral, fishing, mining.
      • Modern development and tourism.