The Mariners Walk Naval Commemoration Project was instigated by the Port Stephens Historical Society and planned in partnership with Port Stephens Council.

The project commemorates the history of Port Stephens’ mariners through displays and signage along a walkway from Soldiers Point to Salamander Bay.

​The project was possible thanks to a grant from the National Maritime Museum and the NSW State Government Community Builders Program funding.

​The walk is approximately 3.3km and takes around 40 minutes to complete.

The signs are posted along natural pathways; however, the natural environment limits access by wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

The Mariners Walk Heritage Trail consists of eight detailed signs showcasing some of the maritime histories, including the navel significance of the Salamander and Soldiers Point area.

The signs are as follows:


MW 1: Johnny’s Wall, Seaview Crescent

MW 2: The Cromarty Family and the Naval Base Lands, 10 Seaview Crescent

MW 3: Wanda Wanda Headland

MW 4: Lady Nelson

MW 5: Captain Cook and other mariners

MW 6: Salamander Bay Naval History

MW 7: Mambo Wetlands

MW 8:Charting of Port Stephens – HMS Beagle