Tomaree Museum Life Member Atholene Carroll was going through some cupboards recently and found a copy of Wellbank’s Australian Nautical Almanac and Coasters Guide from 1878 with six pages about Port Stephens.

Atholene has memories of it coming from the Upton Family’s old house at Bobs Farm back in the late 60’s and only days before the house was demolished (and with many artefacts, sadly, still within).

The Upton family are one of the original settler families of the area and many artefacts donated by the family in the Tomaree Museum’s Collection were collected by Danny and Atholene Carroll and other members of the Port Stephens Historical Society back in 1967. (Going by dates written on pages within the Almanac).

We hope you enjoy reading the entries pertaining to Port Stephens and invite you to comment or contribute any insights you may have in the comments section below.