John `Stinker' Clarke ​Port Stephens Examiner, 24th July 2019 "We need a Museum" to honour early days...
Something Fishy:
“We need a museum” to honour early days

John `Stinker’ Clarke
​Port Stephens Examiner
24th July 2019

I have just returned from a trip along the south coast from Eden back home to Fingal Bay.

Many of the coastal towns had magnificent museums honouring the aboriginal people and the pioneering families.

Made me think – what do we have? Not much.

Certainly, nothing to compare to the southern towns.

Keen to hear from you if you think that the Tomaree Peninsula should have a museum, email me at 

HISTORY: Teramby Road to S.S. Karuah at the New Wharf, Nelson Bay, New Year’s Day 1912. Photo supplied.

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